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Jaksta music recorder vs Replay Music


I cam across your site while looking for utilities to record music from streaming services. Is there any difference between Replay Music and Jaksta Music recorder? These products look almost identical, even the interfaces look the same. I am interested in purchasing, but want to find out if there are any major advantages of one over the other. 


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We are the manufactures of most of Applians recording suite and have done so for many years now.  Applian are a sales, marketing and support company.  

Applian offer email support.  We only offer forum based support.   At the end of the day any 3rd level support comes back to us anyway.  

We release Jaksta products first, Applian get theirs later.  At the moment though all apps are at the same version.

So if email support is important to you then go with the Applian version.  If having the latest and greatest asap then go with the Jaksta version.  We will also convert an Applian license to a Jaksta on on proof of purchase if you choose to change later.

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