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Why have you started spamming the "Description" field of my files' metadata with self-promotion ?!

 After a recent update to Jaksta Media Recorder 7 for Windows I have noticed that you have changed the behaviour of the software so that it now automatically inserts the text  "Recorded and Tagged by Jaksta Media Recorder 7 (www.jaksta.com)" into the "Description" field of every file recorded by the software.

This is very intrusive, presumptive and completely unwelcome but I cannot fiend anywhere in the software's settings where I can stop it from happening.

Please fix this sneaky hijack behaviour or tell me how to switch it off !

Our products have added that ID3 description tag for close on 10 years now, if the ID3 field is blank and ID3 tagging is switched on.

Sorry you find it intrusive.  You are the first person I can think of that has complained about.

If you dont want tagging to occur then please turn of ID3 tagging Settings > Naming Rules > Enable ID3 Naming Rule.

Thank you for responding to my concerns but your suggested solution is unworkable for me.

I have been using JMR since v5 and have always ID3 tagging switched on without this occuring; even when the ID3 field has been blank JMR has never inserted this text. It only started after I updated to v7.0.0.46 back in December and it has only affected a percentage of the files that I have created since then; some files with blank ID3 fields have been affected, some have not.
This seems more like a bug than a feature.

I do not wish to switch ID3 tagging off completely as it is very useful and to lose it altogether is a bit extreme.


This feature has been in the product since I first wrote it almost 10 years ago.


Whilst I cant identify any bug that would suddenly make you notice it, there possibly could be one.  Could you please provide provide an example of a download url where it is not tagged and one where it is tagged.  Remember the download format needs to support ID3 for it to be stamped (mp3/mp4 would be most common) and if the download already has a comment ID3 field then it wont be added.  Note there is no description field in ID3 - only a comment field.  That description field in your image is a bunch of tags & format info append together.  I cant work out what app that is but perhaps that app has started displaying the comment as part of the description where it didn't previously?

Im happy to take your criticism of it on board and create a setting to switch it on and off in the next version.

It is still not possible to disable these "feature". I use ExifTool and a batch file to quickly remove these unwanted descriptions. Download the tool from ExifTool.org and create a batch file with the following content:


@D:\ExifTool\exiftool.exe -progress -overwrite_original -api LargeFileSupport=1 -charset FileName= -r -k -P -comment= -ext mp4 %1


Adjust "D:\ExifTool\" with your drive and path to the tool (don't remove it!) and add/remove parameters as your needs. Now you can drag'n'drop a folder with multiple files or a MP4 file to these batch file and it will do the job quickly and easy.

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