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LiveJasmin Blank Duration

Happy new year. When recording livejasmin.com, the duration is blank and the recording doesn't stop by itself when leaving the page. Furthermore, recordings have a duration error during playback and one isn't able to freely jump forward beyond the first second.

Converting them is not an option as I want the streams' keyframes. This error has persisted for many months now and I was hoping you'd get round to fixing it sometime.

I just tried to attach a dubug log but it was too large to post here, tried another (recording of under one minute) but at 7 MB it is still too large (and I suspect too short for you as-well).

Could you please respond to this ticket, it's been two weeks.

Please reply to this post; I want to know whether you can address this shortcoming or whether I should seek an alternative solution. It would be polite of you to reply. Thank you.

Ive been on holidays.  Ill get around to looking at it later today for you.

Thanks. Sorry for my impatience; the duration error with Jasmin has been present since they switched to HTML5 6 months ago but I could do with it working now.

Is duration independently created by Jaksta, irrespective of streaming protocol?

For live streams (or ondemand where the duration is not provided by the server) the duration is calculated when the capture is complete.

They have changed their streaming method to https websockets back 6 months ago.  At that time they were streaming straight mp4 over the websockets.  They are now streaming fragmented mp4.  This means there are extra  boxes in the mp4 file that most players dont now how to handle and hense the duration is off in the player and seeking doesnt work correctly.  

Ill support this in the next release and try get you a beta soon.

Thank you.

Try this beta:


This will capture as fMP4 and mux to MP4 at the end of the capture.  When you close the page the recording will also stop.

Works great, thank you.

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