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SirusXM ?

 Is it possible to record streams from the SiriusXM Web App using Jaksta Mac ?

I have not had any luck and wondering if there is any solution.

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Hi Lee,

Unfortunately I cannot get into the web app to test it - I am denied access for some reason.

If you can provide me with a link in case I am looking in the wrong spot and any login credentials I might need to access it (you cans end them privately to support@jaksta.com if you are comfortable with it), then I might be able to test it.

One option is to use Audio Capture Mode in Jaksta Music Recorder (Media Recorder does not have this feature). We specifically built this feature as a workaround for sites/players that Jaksta is unable to capture and download the stream from normally. 

It works by recording the actual audio being sent to the speakers rather than downloading the file from the stream.

If you would like to find out more then you can read further in the User Guide: https://jaksta.com/support/mac/kb/user-guide-jaksta-music-recorder-for-mac-6000031390



Jaksta Support

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