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Having trouble in changing the setting in which I record

Please tell me how I can set Jaksta on my computer to record in video/mp4? When my Jaksta opens, to the bottom next to the on/off switch I have several options, but NONE are for video. it just stays on default & records in .mov as well as .m2ts. If I go to my preferences & then click protocol, there are many more options, such as the video/mp4. I can highlight it, but it won't set anything to that or record something in that exact setting. Can you please explain to me how I can set my Jaksta to record in video/mp4? I use a MacBoob Pro. Thank you.

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Hi Steve,

There is no way actually record the files as certain file types. It will always record it as the original file and whatever format it is in, and then it will convert it to the desired file type afterwards.

Under the drop down conversion settings you will want to set it to Apple TV 4. This should convert it to a high quality MP4 file. 



Jaksta Support

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