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Proxy setting changing

My proxy settings keep changing causing my to lose connection to the internet.  Which then means I can't use Jaksta.  I'm using version  and windows 10.

I recently purchased Jaksta and I am a little disappointed.  I hope there is a solution.  Any help is appreciated.


JMR contains and internal proxy so that it can capture streams over https/ssl.  

If you dont want to capture streams over https then you can switch it of in the settings Settings > Internet Downloads > Monitor HTTPS/SSL.   Alot of stuff is over https though.  

That said with AUTO on you should still be able to browse the internet in your browser still, although it will be slightly slower due to the all traffic passing through JMR which is looking form media streams to capture.

Best practice is to leave AUTO on only whilst you need it.  Once the stream is detected then you can switch it off.  The only situation where it needs to be on is where the stream is being recorded instead of downloaded.

If you are using firefox and firefox wont contect to the internet with AUTO on then Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HTTPS > Reinstall Firefox HTTPS monitor.

If you are using another browser or the reinstall doesnt work then please do the following:

Get Support, and switch Debug Mode on.  Do not include the network trace.

Then switch AUTO on and go to something in your browser and wait for it to fail because of the proxy error.

Then Get Support and click the paper plain icon (Send Logs) to collect the logs and post them here.

Response from Brian:

There is a misunderstanding.  JMR forces my laptop to change proxy settings. The "use a proxy server" settings is normally set to off.   After a few minutes of  running JMR the "use a proxy server" is switched ON. That is when I loose internet connection.

This proxy change only happens when using JMR.  There is no issues at any other times.

Yes that is correct.  JMR has an internal proxy for https traffic so it can detect streams over that protocol.  

When you switch AUTO on the proxy is started and your browser (and other apps connecting to the internet) will start pumping https traffic via JMR to analysis it for media streams until you switch AUTO off.

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