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Product Enhancement Request

 I really like the Jaksta media recorder and all the Jaksta products.

But I have one tiny request that would make the product so much better and easier to manage your downloads.

1. Download Location

Add the option to select where the files will be downloaded from the MAIN download screen.

I know you can setup the download location in the preferences but I want to create a new folder and location for each

file/project being downloaded.

2. Project Based

How about allowing downloads to be created in a project.

For example if I am downloading 10 files from the same source, class, etc. then that is one project.

It would make sense to put all related files within that directory, i.e project.

2. Prompt or Selection

It would be nice if you could prompt the user for where they want a project to be saved.

This way all files under that project would be in the same location.

If this is not possible then how about a LOCATION button at the bottom of the main screen.

Here is a sample of what it might look like.


Thanks, Lee

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