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Reinstalling older version of jaksta for mac, also gettng list of library files with names that i no longer see

 been getting very frustrated trying to reinstall an older version of jaksta.  im not sure what version it was i know my mac book pro is version 10.7.5.  also i wanted to know if the list of library and file names and dates would be added to it like it used to (i kno i didn't lose the files just wanted to keep that library list that i cant find anymore fron upgrading or trying to get program to work on cam sites and porn sites that i am a member of that no longer work for trailers and fav parts of scenes).  also i wanted to know if i am getting charged every year for this program from when i first purchased it or if it was a 1 time thing as well as anytime i upgrade.  not interested in paying numerous times as i have 2 versions 1 for my mac and 1 for pc that ran vista

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Hi there,

You are probably not going to have much luck running any version of Jaksta when your Mac OS is that old. 

More so for general security reasons I would highly recommend updating the OS. 

If you can get it installed and working I would say that it is most likely that your old library list and info would not get added to the new install, but all future downloads should be added to it. 

If you need the installer for the last Version 1 build that we released then you can get it here: http://download.shedworx.com/jaksta/beta/1.5.1_00/Jaksta-1.5.1.pkg

There is a good chance you will receive upgrade prompts to Version 2, which is a PAID upgrade that we released in early 2017, but it is not mandatory. You can turn off the prompts by going to Preferences > General and turning off the feature that does auto-checks for updates on startup. 

There is a discounted upgrade offer for existing license holders, which can be accessed by following the prompts in the update checker pop-up notification.

Please be aware that we will not be releasing any more updates for Version 1, as we are focusing our development on Version 2. 

When you purchase a license it is for life. No annual payments. The only time you would pay again for a new license is when a new numbered version is released (ie. Version 2 for Mac), but this is only for the Mac programs. Licenses for the Windows apps include all numbered versions so they only need to be purchased once per app.



Jaksta Support

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