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Daily Show as fragments?:

In doing a screen recording of the Daily Show by Trevor Noah, it always creates a series of a 15 or so files the largest of which are segments of the main show.  Why am I getting this behavior.


Ads or the video buffering and certain points.  Silence detection will be kicking in which splits out ads and splits episodes etc.

See the silence detection settings on Settings > DVR

Your logs are not in debug mode - Get Support >  Switch Debug mode on, before performing the action that is causing the issue. 

When trying to schedule a recording of the Daily Show: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah


The url requires that the user click the screen before the video will start. So how can I schedule a recording in this circumstance?



The page you have listed above is not a page with a video on it.  The scheduler wont click through as it wont know what to do.

You would need to enter the page hosting the video such as 


in the scheduler.

That would not be practical since the date and title changes each day and the title change would not be predictable.

I solved the problem by writing a macro using macroexpress.  However, I suggest that you add a feature to the program to handle this type of site.  Basically, it just means that Jaksta needs to go to the link I gave (which is the same each day) and then simulate click on the page.  


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