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FireFox and Jaksta not working

 Problem 1:

Activating Jaksta (auto download) caused all FireFox pages to report a certificate/security warning.

Problem 2:

I tried adding the jaksta.cert exception. Same problem

Problem 3:

I tried following these steps:


After Method 1, I stopped getting the certificate/security warning, but Jaksta cannot/doesn't pick up any of the streams.

After Method 2, same problem (Jaksta not showing any streams/downloading them).

Any advice?

Thank you

Not sure what Problem 2 to is?

But both solutions from https://jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/firefox-not-loading-https-pages-when-monitoring-is-on-mentions-sec-error-bad-signature-6000040003 are working by the look of it.

What is the url you are trying to record from.

Please provide debug logs following these instructions:


 Attached debug logs.


FireFox: [HTTPS Monitor] The connection to https://www.google.com/ failed: Unable to connect to the remote server
Chrome: [HTTPS Monitor] The connection to https://jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/firefox-not-loading-https-pages-when-monitoring-is-on-mentions-sec-error-bad-signature-6000040003 failed: Unable to connect to the remote server
- Went into FF proxy settings and switch from "Use system proxy" to "No Proxy". This let's me at least browse now (auto-detect does as well).
- Tried auto-detecting a stream from LiveJasmin, didn't work/nothing showed up.
- Went through Method 1 in the above article. Again, same error: [HTTPS Monitor] The connection to https://www.google.com/ failed: Unable to connect to the remote server"

All of the above is with Method 2 enabled (true).

If I disable (false) in the about:config, the error in FireFox turns into "Your connection is not secure" "This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox may only connect to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate." etc.

With Method 2 disabled, I go through Method 1 again and the error becomes "The proxy server is refusing connections" "Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections." etc.

Doesn't detect any streaming video (youtube, for example).


Uninstall JMR, reboot and reinstall.

Open Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options

Connections Tab

Lan Settings button

Advanced button under proxy.

Remove all servers and exceptions.

OK out to close all dialogs and close IE

Start JMR and try again using chrome.  Do not worry about FF at this stage.  We can get to that after.  

If error still remains

JMR > Get Support > and switch on Debug.  DO NOT switch on "Include network trace in debug logs"

Resubmit your debug logs.

Same problem/errors. 

Oddly, I cannot connect to support.jaksta.com urls on FireFox. 

I get this error:


This is after switching to "no proxy" and removing the certificates again...

Attached logs. Thanks for working with me on this. 


Are these logs for FireFox or Chrome?  They look like FireFox.  Does chrome work for you?

Also please switch on debug before switching on AUTO.  Provide logs for Chrome only if chrome is not working.  If chrome is working then provide logs for FireFox.

The logs are for FireFox.

Please see attached. Thank you.



These logs dont show any ssl errors like your last ones, which means the certificate is installed correctly.  From the logs it looks like you are browsing without error.  

Are you still getting errors in FireFox about untrusted certificates?

Correct, there are no errors. Jaksta however does not detect any streaming on any websites. I'm not getting any errors. 

There was no url in your logs that had a video on it.

Can you capture this?


1. Switch debug on

2. Turn AUTO on

3. Go to page and wait for it to play.

If nothing is detected send debug logs

It can detect that in FireFox. Strange, before it wouldn't detect YT videos.

The issue seems to be specific to LiveJasmin, then. A LiveJasmin stream in FireFox that isn't detected, is detected in Chrome. Maybe they deliver streams differently to different browsers?

Thanks for all of your help!


LiveJasmin captures fine here in FireFox and all other modern browsers.  The streaming method they are using is the same across all.

Please do the following to get logs.

1. Clear the FireFox cache.

2. Close any tab with LIveJasmin currently open  

3. Switch debug on

4. Turn AUTO on

5. Go to a livejamsmin page and wait for the stream to play.

If its not captured,  please attached debug logs here.

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