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Win7: Copy & Paste does not work

Hi, I run Win7 64k and try to copy and paste a URL into FYD. This does not work at all. Any idea ?

Thanks, Frank


FYD?  Can you explain a bit more about what you are trying to do and what program you are referring to.  Happy to support you in getting a license for our products at a discount cost.


thanks for your eMail.

Oh, FYD was a typo.

I downladed Jaksta Media Downloader.

This is what your WebPage says:

Downloads | Windows | Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows

Your download will start automatically. You can also click here to download manually.

Free Trial Information

The Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows trial allows:

> Download 100% of any YouTube video, including full Playlists and Channel downloads

Download up to 50% of any on-demand audio or video clip

Download up to one minute of any live stream

Audio record up to one minute

Digital Video record up to one minute

I cannot find any way how to download a Playlist.

The online help does not explain anything that really would help.

This is my issue.



Use the playlist url to extract and capture all of them.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx0sYbCqOb8TBPRdmBHs5Iftvv9TPboYG

See attached image.

(75.9 KB)

There is no image to open.

Still I don't got an answer about drag and drop.

Jaksta does not accept dropping a URL to anywhere.



The image is attached.  I can see it. bit strange that you cant.

Sure JMR accepts drag and drop of urls.  Just drop the url into the center of the list view on the Home tab.  If its supported by the extraction engine then it will be extracted and captured.

If you have copied a url then mouse over the "Enter drag and drop) the url of a video page to download" text box will auto paste it for you.

If you tell me the icon left of CRS is supposed to be an image or whatever ( attachment ) it is not.

The mouse does not change and I cannot click on it.

Often support thinks it MUST work like on their own PC.

This is the biggest error...

Frank no need to be a like that.   People use our products 100k's of times a day.  We have 100k's of active users.  Im sorry its not working for you.  

The image is attached to the ticket.  Here is a url link to it.


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