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Win7: PlayList

Hi, I run Win7 and try to download a PlayList with Jaksta latest.
The HelpFile states it works. No further details are given.
I copy a URL of a file from the PlayList into the URL field of Jaksta and Jaksta does not recognize this to be part of a playlist.
Drag and drop does not work at all.
All of Jaksta does not accept dropping.
Any idea ?



What is the playlist?  What url are you copying?  Please provide the url for the playlist and I can tell you the best way to capture it.


just ANY, like:


This URL is part of a playlist:

Search > "Full Movie Playlist"

This is not the one I am interested in. As I said: Just any Playlist does not work.



That url is for a single video.

The playlist it is part of is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6F6BCE77C89631B6

Use the playlist url to extract and capture all of them.

See attached image.

(75.9 KB)

Sorry, there is no attached file.


Does Jaksta not recognize when I use a URL out of a playlist that this URL is part of a play list ??

My question was this:

HOW do I copy and paste a PlayList or just a single URL into Jaksta ?

Jaksta does not accept anywhere a URL to be dropped.



Please be aware of this:


As you can see I do not see what you see !

On my browser there is no "Play All" and therefore there is no URL that plays all.


Use the url behind the link "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST (218 VIDEOS)"

In the case of the first one it is - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC2C9BFC77856C976

If you click and hold "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST (218 VIDEOS)" and drag it to the the JMR list view then you will see your mouse icon change and be able to drop it.

Or right mouse click "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST (218 VIDEOS)" and select copy url, and then mouse over or paste it into the extraction text field if something is already there.

If a youtube url has ?v=<Video Id>  then it is referring to one video, even if it is part of a playlist.  Playlists always have playlist?list=<list id>

Thanks for the answer.

All I can say is:

"If you click and hold "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST (218 VIDEOS)" and drag it to the the JMR list view then you will see your mouse icon change and be able to drop it."



Ok then.  That is the way it works.  Sorry it doesn't for you.  Why dont you just copy the url in then, or type it out if copy and paste/drag and drop doesnt work on your machine.

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