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Restarting Auto-Record for every videos

Hi, I was capturing training video using HLSD HLS Downloader without any issues when I was using your trial software. After I bought the license and apply it to Jaksta Media Recorder 7, I am now having issues. I can still record without any issue but each time for me to record the next video, I have to turn Auto mode off and on so that it will detect another HLS stream. This is quite annoying as there are few hundred videos I need to capture.

Inside the log file, I started a recording at exactly 10:00:00, once the recording has completed, at exactly 10:01:00, I then refresh the web page, but this time it did not pick up the same recording. At 10:01:30, I stop the Auto mode and then turn it back on, refreshed the web page again and it started to record the video again.


You are getting:

Max retries exceeded with url: /content/conversions/f7waFglx/videos/eBNG4xAB-6830308.mp4.m3u8?token=0_5aa5c310_0x738a0a5d608b3cb6f93a8da5d764d627e763b8f1 (Caused by ProxyError('Cannot connect to proxy.', ConnectionResetError(10054, 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host', None, 10054, None)))))

This is probably some metering the site is using, based on the token.   

Try the following:  Once a video is detected by JMR, stop watching it in your browser straight away.  There is no need to let it play for JMR to capture it.  You could then move onto play the next video and get JMR to capture that at the same time.   You will need to play around to see how many you can capture at the same time from this site if it is using some form of metering.

Once you have a few capturing there is no need to leave AUTO on.  Remember with AUTO on JMR is doing a huge bunch of processing in the background of all your internet traffic to try and detect media.   This will be slowing down captures.

On another note I see some issues in your config that may stop captures from some sites, although not this one.  Might be best to clean that up whilst you can to save frustrations later.  At the moment you are not configured to capture any media transmitted over the web service protocol.  To do change this do the following.

Shut JMR down

Windows Key - R to opn the run dialog

Type in inetcpl.cpl and Open

Connections Tab

LAN Settings button


Remove all ws://* and wss://* from "Do not use proxy server for address beginning with" text box.  

OK out of all the open dialogs

Also if submitting logs again please do not switch on "Include network trace in debug logs", unless we ask as it fills your logs with a bunch of very low level stuff that we only need in certain situations.

ok, noted about the logs, i thought i might as well give you everything now as i don't like going back and forth with support. 

As for the capture, there are two things i failed to mention:

  1. each time i did a capture, it creates two streams in JMR, one for 1280x720 another one for 1920x1080.
  2. I always pause my video playback on the browser straight after but i don't think this help with the metering as it will still buffer the stream in the background. 

What puzzles me is the fact that this was not an issue while i was on trial JMR, i can create as many streams as possible under the same login. I don't have to do anything more than just clicking next video. Is it worth rolling back to trial version and create another log file?

forgot to mention, i tried just hitting next video and it does not capture the next video.

The trial version is the same, the license key just removes the restrictions.

You will be getting two quality streams, because that is what your browser is requesting.  It is starting at 1280x720, which is detected and captured and then the browser is requesting a better quality stream 1280x720 and that is being detected and captured. 

yes, I understand the license key should not have any impact on the overall capabilities of the JMR but it did. I also understand the two streams with different quality and what it means. What I am suggesting was to do a log capture to see why it is not an issue when the licence key is not applied.If it was an issue, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

The attached capture shows I do not need to reset AUTO mode while it was in trial.

(256 KB)
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