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There was a time in 2017 when the download function worked for this website. It doesn't work anymore. Is it something that could be fixed?

I have tried to record on DVR, but I could not select the area to record and what was recorded was just a small corner on the left hand side of the screen. 

Currently looking into it.  Thanks for reporting.

Thanks. Meanwhile is there any workaround I could try?


Its not a standard protocol.  It is something they have implemented themselves in flash and it uses non standard streaming ports such as 7200 - 7210 from what I have seen.

The DVR  works using chrome DVR browser type.  There is no need to select and area.  Its auto detected.  You will need to switch off split on silence in the DVR settings as they are web cams any silence will cause the stream to split into multiple files.

If you cant get DVR to work then provide debug logs and we will have a look. 


Thanks. I got the DVR function to work by switching to IE. Using Google Chrome still leads to recording only the top left portion of the screen.

However, when I use IE for DVR, the "Schedule" function does not work now due to the "Switch to use the Google Chome for DVR Browser" alert, because I will need to be present at the computer to click "No" in order to start recording, which defeats the purpose of the automatic scheduling. Is there any way to remove this alert?



Settings > DVR > Advanced > Errors, turn of configuration issue prompt, will switch of the prompt.

It works fine here with Chrome.  Could you provide debug logs so we can have a look?  


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