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Issues with version 7 of Jaksta media recorder

We have an issue with jaksta media recorder ever since upgrading to version 7. 

When the videos we are trying to capture are downloaded, the format has changed between jaksta 6 and 7 and the files are considerably smaller. Unfortunately these files when played back by vlc do not play (there is no picture). Version 6 downloaded the videos as MPG (MPEG, MP2,VBR) but version 7 downloads them as mp4(h264/aac). We used to use the convert process to convert the downloaded videos to flv format (as this gives finer control over the playhead position in vlc) but since upgrading to version 7 none of the files are successfully converted regardless of which target format we choose. Each converted file displays Complete( with errors), generates a 0 byte file, and returns an unknown error in the progress log.

This means jaksta 7 for the videos we want to capture is pretty useless.

An example video can be found at:

http://www.attheraces.com/atrplayer-replay-overlay/VOD/1032537 (just paste into jaksta's url and try downloading the file)

Uninstalling version 7 and re-installing version 6 fixes our problem, but I'm not sure how long version 6 will be supported, plus it is not a trivial process to download any version 6 updates and Jaksta keeps going to the version 7 download page.

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Go to your Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS and change the downloader from HLSD to FFMPEG.   Videos from this site will then be detected and captured correctly in AUTO mode.

Version 6 is no longer supported, but version 6 and 7 can coexist on the same machine.  Please understand that sites and the methods they use to stream constantly change, so you are best to use the latest version where possible.

We will look into why the video is not being captured for this HLS stream with the HLSD downloader.

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