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Netflix Conversion Problem

I am using JMR to download a show off Netflix.  This downloads as a WMV (VC-1, 960x540 / WMA, 192 kbs) file.  I would like the file in Apple TV (MP4 H.264; 1280x720; AAC) format, so i am using JCV to attempt this conversion. The file goes thru conversion, however the output file shows up as 1280x720 1000 FPS and is filled with artifacts and doesn't play properly.

If I take the WMV from JMR and up-convert it thru another program (Movavi Video Editor), the video plays at the correct 30 FPS. This program converts it correctly, but creates a bloated file.  So I then run it thru JCV to create a smaller file.

I would like to skip the step of running it thru Movavi, so I am curious why JCV is not handling the WMV file from JMR correctly.



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