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MFC wont recorded using both DVR or stream downloader

i am trying to download a stream of MFC but when using auto on stream downloader the website will not load in my browser and if i copy the link into the DVR Browser it loads but when i click record the browser it closes then immediately reopens without recording anything.

I turned on auto and tried to load mfc didn't load so then turned it of and loaded mfc and it loaded so went on one the the cams and then turned auto on and it didn't pick up any video feed so tried refreshing mfc but again wouldn't load


Your logs show a conversion in process.  Please only get debug logs for what the issue is, make sure no other downloads or conversions are running.  Also you have switched on "Include network trace in logs".  Please switch that off, only switch debug on and perform the action that is causing the error and resubmit your logs.

What browser are you using and when you say mfc doesnt load please explain what you are seeing - is there an error or just a blank page or other?

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