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RTMP url with .stream suffix does not work

I am able to record a live stream using the AUTO button.  I looked at the properties of the stream in the recording and the URL is:

rtmp://<some ip address>:1935/live/_definst_/camera_1.stream/<break>camera_1.stream

When I try to schedule a recording of this URL it fails with an error "stream not found".  When I look at the traffic using  WireShark, I can see that when I record using the AUTO button, in the second handshake it sends "play camera1.stream"  but when I do it via a scheduled recording it sends "play camera1".  Jaksta seems to not like the dot in the URL and is stopping there.  I tried changing the dot to %2E but that did not work either and it still sent "play camera1".  Is there some other way around this issue or is it a bug that would need to be fixed in Jaksta? 

Could you provide the IP address so we can test it here.  If you dont want it to be public please send it to support AT jaksta.com and reference this ticket.

Fixed in

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