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YouTube videos bypassing blocker

If you dont like the beep when downloads finish then switch off Settings > Personalization > Enable sound effects

That link is a youtube video.  

Switch off AUTO if you dont want to detect things or if you need to leave it on because it is recording (as apposed to downloading) then click the green thumb icon that appears when AUTO is on.  This will switch of processing of new streams.

Alternatively if you never want to detect youtube streams, then you can block googlevideo.com in the Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > AdBlocker.

(1) I cannot switch off the beep, I need notification of when downloads drop out because of streams going down.  Never mind, maybe "they" will think of a less loud and doomful sound one day.

(2) I need Auto to be On all the time, as I download live wildlife cams 24/7, I have the browser on 5-minute auto-refreshes so that if the cams go down they will restart almost as soon as they come back up.

(3) Yes, it was a YouTube video - but I already have googlevideo.com in my blocker!  I hoped you might see why that one, and others like it, were getting thru and blasting me with "doomful beeps".  It seems that every video of mine that had been posted on a certain forum was, without me actually watching it, downloading in Jaksta.  Internet Explorer was particularly bad and I've had to stop using it for the forum (I had resorted to it because Waterfox - old Firefox clone - browser was going thru some troubles).

I thought I'd seen an Internet Explorer setting somewhere in Jaksta but cannot find it.

Fingers crossed it won't happen again.


Im not sure how a video could be captured unless you were watching it or loaded the page it was on.

You could try also adding youtube.com to the adblocker and see if that stops it.

As youtube.com does not appear in the offending URLs it seems a long shot but I've done it anyway now.  When I blocked that URL before I knew about googlevideo.com it did not work.

The URLs that are downloading all begin with https://r5---***********.googlevideo.com/******** OR https://r4 etc, I can't remember the whole variety of the "r" numbers, but might they be routed from a different domain than the usual googlevideo.com?  I'm wondering if they could be coming via rspb.org.uk, which is 'hosting' them?

I had a few more today - it's never happened before since I've been using Jaksta 3/4/5/6/7.


You only need to put the domain name in googlevideo.com,  not the entire url.

Please provide debug logs showing a video bypassing the adblocker.

I do have googlevideo.com in my adblocker, no full urls.

It's unlikely I'll do a debug log, the last one I did wasn't acceptable for some reason, so I obviously don't understand it :-/

I'm not using IE11 for the website that seems to be causing the problem, so here's hoping it's been a temporary period of glitchiness.
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