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recording problems



I had to reinstall the windows (7 professional), and Jaksta stopped recording. As far as I can guess, it is not recognizing the sites (cam4, for example). I do't have any files as nothing was recorded :(

Please help!



If you reinstalled your OS have, have you reinstalled Jaksta Media Recorder and Winpcap?   Do you have the correct network interface for Winpcap to monitor selected in Settings > Internet Downloads 

Please provide debug logs as per


Thank you for your prompt answer.

I installed Jaksta program which I had in my program file and the Winpcap is installed (I guess).

I took a pic of the network interface. Is it correct???

I might uninstall Jaksta completely and install it again, if you tell me to do so.

See the attachment plz.



(3.83 MB)

Sorry I cant tell if you have selected the correct network interface as I dont know which one you are using.  Its a drop downlist so see if you can pick the right one.

Can you detect a youtube video in auto mode?

You will need to provide debug logs as requested.

OK. Will do it today. Thanks.

I recently purchased the deluxe, and I am using the media recorder and the titles don't show up under the name section, instead I get this generic message( Watch the Latest Movies and TV Shows for Free on FlixTo) it wont seam to be a problem with movies as much as it would be with tv shows because o the season epsisodes an the name of the shows. can you tell me what I can do to the program to get the appropriate info to appear. 

also the names show up when using youtube.

thanking you in advance.

The "generic" title you are getting is the page title that the video is on.  From a quick look at the site, the title is generic for each episode you watch.  

Naming rules are in the advanced settings:

Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Naming Rules

Hover your mouse over them and see the explanation for each in the tooltip.

Youtube page titles change with each video.

You will need to rename them yourself unfortunately as the HLS stream detected does not contain title information so all as we have to go on is the page title.


Can I get tech support without it showing up on your web site?

We offer forum based tech support.  This allows other users to see common issues, contribute and find answers.  You can change your details so your posts are effectively anonymous.

Is your issue still with naming rules or do you have another issue you would like help with?

New issue same site.the media may be 1:38 minutes but only record 50 minutes or less.
This having to name my recordings can potentially be a organizational issue can you recommend anything else. Some times the name shows up as its recording then it goes to that default title.

Please have a play with the naming rules that are in Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Naming Rules to see what works best for you.

Where you are getting a short recording, it is most likely that the stream of flixto is split into two separate streams.   Using AUTO picks up the first one.  The second one wont start until the first has finished stream.  To pick that one up you would need to keep AUTO on.    This is reasonably common on file sharing sites.   

If you dont think this is the case then please provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063  and I can take a look at what is going on.

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