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Temp folder log files - Deviare

On Windows 10, Jaksta is generating an endless stream of temp folder text files named 'Deviare_?????.log'. These are produced whether the Jaksta interface is running or not indicating that a background process (obviously using Deviare) is involved. Uninstalling Jaksta ends this file production.

Sample file contents:

3038) DllMain(ProcAttach) [START]
3038) CheckProcessInRegistry: Got include list but no match was found.
3038) IsProcessAllowed(C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllHost.exe) (80004005)
3038) DllMain(ProcDetach) [OK]
3038) DSound_Unhook
3038) MCIWave_Unhook
3038) AudioClient_Unhook
3038) CAudioStreamMgr::Shutdown

Just installed the current build ( and the issue continues.

Ah woops.  Will have a fix out soon. Sorry.

Ive just released, which includes the release dll instead of the debug one which was generating the log files.  

Here is a direct link to it.


Please make sure you reboot after install so the debug dll is replaced with the release one.

Im really sorry about this.  Im very embarrassed :(

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