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Flash Needs Updating message when using DVR


When I go to use the DVR option to record my Cable TV Subscription service, it logs in just fine but when it tries to display the TV content screen it states that Flash needs updating.  I am using the latest flash version and it works okay through the Google Chrome browser - only fails when using Jaksta.

How do I update the flash in this Jaksta Chrome browser (which comes up separately from the Google Chrome browser)?

Thank you.

Chrome comes with its own version of Flash and the DVR browser uses the installed chrome so this is a bit confusing.    Installing flash from the adobe site does not affect the chrome version.

You can see the version used by going to chrome://components in the DVR browser and there is a check for update button, however I would have thought it would be exactly the same as going to chrome://components in chrome.

If they are the same or the update doesnt work for some reason then it could be the DVR browsers chrome profile is corrupt or something.  You can delete this by going to Get Support and clicking the Clear Cached Data (trash can) icon. 

If that doesnt work could you please email details of your subscription service including login details to support AT jaksta.com and reference this ticket so I can see if the same thing happens here.

Ok, that did it. although my regular chrome browser had all the updates, the dvd browser had all settings to zero for plugins. I updated them individually. This did create another problem. The DVD browser would no longer come up for the site. I then put in any non-url to fool it and that worked. It brought up the dvd browser stating it could not reach the site. I entered the spectrum url and it displayed the video. I pressed record and indeed it did start to record - however, the dvd browser closed at this point, and the recording continued in the Jaksta dvr. Question - I would like an easier way to force the dvd browser to open and is there any way to keep it open once the recording starts allowing me to monitor the recording?

Not sure what you mean by an easier way to have the DVR browser open?  You just click the Globe icon that is displayed when you select the DVR capture method (The video camera icon).

There is no way to have the DVR browser open and record at the same time, though the live video being recorded should be being displayed in a thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the window below "Get Support".

Thanks, I missed the Globe entirely. As for the thumbnail - My screen is set to 125 % magnification because of older eyes, so the thumbnail was out of my view. I moved the Jakasta window high enough to be able to see that it was indeed there.

Thanks again. All seems to be okay. Just didn't realize that I need to update Flash manually on the DVR browser in the future and that it wouldn't just update automatically when I updated my other Chrome browser program.

Tim M.

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