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I have a few questions i watch media on showbox through a bluestacks viewer sometimes it records and names the media and sometimes it wont record. How do i use sling blade on my laptop.

Sorry what is sling blade?  Can you explain a bit more your issue.

Sling box*

I sent a response but have still waiting to hear back.

In addition when using the media recorder program how to i stop the program from converting items.

If i name a item in the program when i look at it in the folder the item hasn't been renamed, How do i fix that.

Select "No conversion setting" from the conversions drop down.


If you rename in the UI the file will be renamed on the file system.  If this is not happening on your machine then please provide debug logs as per the following.  Ensure debug is on before you perform the rename that is not changing the file name.


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