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Jaksta closing itself down...

 ... since Windows Update 1803 !!!

I see that I am not alone in having various problems since this update, but I haven't found anything specifically relating to Jaksta, only general complaints regarding "third-party AV".

As practised for the past several years, after I have started the required downloads I minimise Jaksta to taskbar, but since 1803 I eventually notice that the icon is showing as inactive.  It has so far run for 40 minutes max, but when I reopen it the listed downloads (which are not cleared even tho Jaksta is set to do that) only show about 5 seconds each - however Jaksta has saved the full download, not just 5 seconds.

I have reinstalled Jaksta on top of itself (and rebooted), this has not helped.  I don't want to uninstall it and reinstall from scratch, as there is (as far as I know) no way of backing up the ad-blocked list, to which I have added quite a few sites.

The loss of Jaksta is a massive problem for me, I do hope you can help.


It's very unusual not to have had a response from you in 2 days, so in desperation I've had to uninstall Jaksta completely, including settings, and reinstall it. I thought it had cured the problem but it closed down after running for just over an hour.

Oh where is an update when I need one, there are so many when I don't?!  :-/
3 days now and no response - has Jaksta Support been discontinued?

I discovered that the Windows Update had changed my settings to use a proxy, and have now switched that off.  Hoping this has fixed it.


Switching off proxy has not stopped Jaksta from crashing after a few minutes, up to a couple of hours :(

I do hope help will be along soon. 


(An aside.)  I couldn't catch exactly what happened bu Jaksta suddenly installed SSL for a new installation of Firefox, which switched on proxy so I couldn't upload to YT - I switched it off.

I am puzzled that I haven't even received an acknowledgement of my support request, and wonder if I've been scrubbed out as an unwelcome user :'(

Hi Patricia,

You posted this in the Mac technical support forums and they have not been monitored for the last week only.

I have now moved it to the Windows technical support forums.

Somebody should get back to you with some help shortly.



Jaksta Support

What a dork!  Sorry, and thank you, Liam.

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