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Mystery error - screen shot

happens quite often 

1> Happens when Jaksta is   NOT   the current screen

2> Never happens when Jaksta   IS   the current screen

3> Only happens when Jaksta is RECORDING

4> Does not seem to be browser specific --happens with Internet Explorer and Chrome

5> Jaksta window always ends up in upper right hand corner of screen

6> Error has never interrupted recording -- tracks continue to record as if nothing is happening

7> Believe it happens when minimized...  

7> If Microsoft Windows error then Jaksta Music recorder is only program affected\

8>       I have Jaksta Media Recorder but don't use it for music as too many of it's settings are interfered with by the video settings part of  the program  THEREFORE I 

                  don't know if the music part of the program would be similarly affected 

           8a> I don't remember all the details but here are some.

           8b> The folders for music and videos are different, when i bought the program I already had 500 albums in the computer. I do not want music and video files in tn

                   the same folder, therefore I have to manually change it when I switch between video and music recording.

           8c> The video conversion setting was set to mp4 and when I recorded music it converted them all tio mp4 therefore when recording music it becomes

                   necessary to alter this setting.

9> Find it easier to use the standalone version of the music recorder



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