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Jaksta closing itself down - bug report

 I'm starting a new ticket because my previous has gone unanswered.

Since Windows Update 1803 Jakta keeps spontaneously closing down.  The effect was instant after the update was installed, it's never happened before.

I attach a bug report.



Your logs dont show any errors or anything out of the ordinary.  Is JMR crashing?  

Do you get any dialog popup or anything or does it just disappear?  

Please provide a msinfo32 export so I can see the windows event log for errors.

1. Use the Start Menu and type "system information" and select System Information in the best match results.  
2. In The System Information window select File > Export  and save the export to your desktop
3. Attach the generated file to your forum post

Could you please do the above with the following version http://downloads.jaksta.com/release/jak7/JMR7/  which I hope will log more fatal errors (if that is what is happening).

I installed and set it to download a live YouTube cam via the URL.  For a while I thought it wouldn't crash (aha! the new version has fixed it, I thought) but after about 1h30m it "just disappeared".  Yes, it disappears with no warning or popup.  I attach the msinfo32 report.

NB - "Exceeds attachments size (Not Added), therefore I watched a tutorial and am sending it in a zip, hope that's OK.

Whilst writing - at the last 2 installs there's been a popup "SSL Scanner successfully connected to Firefox".  What's that about and do I need it?

Also, I'm unable to connect to websites and find that Proxy has been switched on - I have to change back to Automatically Detect Settings in order to continue normally.



I need the debug logs as well. The only difference in this version that I supplied is that hopefully it will log what is corrupted on your machine after your upgrade to the April 2018 windows 10 upgrade so I can tell you how to fix your computer.

SSL Scanning allows AUTO mode to detect streams over https protocol via the use of an internal proxy within JMR.  The system proxy setting will be changed when you switch AUTO on and off so that these streams can be detected.  Firefox does not use the system proxy, it has its own.  That prompt is telling you that the required certificates have been installed in Firefox for the proxy to work.  It sounds like your system is quite corrupt.  Please provide the debug logs and I can advise on how to fix it hopefully.

Your nfo shows many windows update failures and many other applications crashing.  You can use the event viewer to see these errors for yourself. 

You will need to open Windows Update and work your way through fixing them and getting your computer back to a stable state.  

 Once they are all installed correctly come back to us with the JMR debug logs if its still not functioning correctly and we can have another look.

How strange!  Windows Update 1803 was completed successfully and I do not perceive any other crashes than Jaksta.  There was a Dell BIOS and Intel video update (on this laptop, Dell XPS 15 9560) yesterday which did other things as well... :-/

I cannot begin to understand the Event Viewer (but can see that it doesn't look good) but the link to Online Help is defunct.

Forgot to mention that I have another licensed Jaksta running on a Clevo W230SS Windows 10 Pro 1803, which I've resorted to since the current problem, and that is 100% reliable.  Shame that it's so much more time-consuming editing across a network.

I will try to find an online forum to advise me on Event Viewer, thank you :'(

PS - All Windows 10 and other updates in the list back to 15 May are reported successful, no reports of any problems.  Weird!

Failures are all around 4/6.  Its possible they have since installed.  They were failing as per the event log entries.  Other apps that are crashing include DDVDataCollector, FreemakeVC, backgroundTaskHost, taskmgr, SystemSettings, WavesSvc64 all around the same time.

Please get me the debug logs for JMR and Ill see if that points to something.  Ensure debug is on and then wait for the crash and then collect the logs.

I'm depressed to see that I'm now going to cover more than one issue in this thread, and wonder if you would like me to open a different ticket :'(  The additional issues have been mentioned before.

(1) I attach the requested JMR debug log.

(2) It's just dawned on me that the SSL installation and Proxy problems have only been occurring since I installed Firefox Quantum - before that I'd been using FF clone Waterfox, based on 'old' Firefox, due to fear of essential add-ons being no longer available.

Every time I open JMR I have to go into Windows10 Settings>Network&Internet>Proxy and turn back on Automatically Detect and turn off Use a Proxy.  I cannot open web pages otherwise.

(3) Googlevideo.com is blocked but JMR is downloading embedded YouTube videos from a website if the web page is active - the videos are not playing.  It never used to do this until fairly recently but (I think) it did happen before Firefox Quantum.

(I have now detected a problem with Windows Explorer, so am going to do another msinfo32 log and refer to a tech forum for help.  Thank you for guiding me on that.)




JMR works perfectly well with FF Quantum

To fix your FF issue:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/firefox-not-loading-https-pages-when-monitoring-is-on-mentions-sec-error-bad-signature-6000040003

Your logs show you visited this page and that is why it was detected:


You have a preferred download Quality and Format set (Settings > Internet Downloads) and that is why it is automatically downloading, instead of prompting you to select the stream to download.

The logs dont appear to show any crash.  Did JMR crash?

Could you do the following:  Switch debug on, Wait for JMR to crash and then collect the logs manually by going to C:\Users\Scylla-XPS\AppData\Local\Temp\Jaksta and zipping up the files in this folder and attaching them to this post.

Even more confused here now, if that was possible.  Had DNS server not responding this morning but I don't think that's anything to do with Jaksta.  It's been one thing after another since Windows10 1803.

(1) "To fix your FF issue"... I could not follow the first item on the page because the option to reinstall FF https monitor* is not at the bottom of the HTTP box as illustrated.  Therefore, I went into about:config and changed the relevant setting (as described further down the page you pointed me to) to True from False.  In Windows 10 Network>Wifi>Proxy, Proxy has been switched on again BUT I can access webpages.

EDIT - Later, I had to switch the Proxy off in order to access web pages - twice!

*I subsequently discovered that the option to reinstall is in the HTTPS section, not the HTTP as illustrated.  However I have left things with the change in FF's about:config and will see how it goes.

(2) "Your log shows you visited this page and that is why it was detected"... I'm visiting those pages all the time and they have not been downloading - googlevideo.com is blocked.  However, I am able to download live YouTube streams when I put the URL into the relevant line.  This has been working perfectly well on Auto, so that I am downloading unblocked streams from other sites as well, without using a URL.

(3) "You have a preferred download Quality and Format set (Settings > Internet Downloads) and that is why it is automatically downloading, instead of prompting you to select the stream to download" - that's how I need it to be.

I download all the cams on this website on Auto:


Currently, I'm often downloading this live stream from YouTube via the URL (this stream may be on a new URL by the time you get to it).


As I type, all the above streams are downloading happily together.

Sorry about sending you the wrong bug report, I must have had the old one on my desktop and sent that by mistake, I do already have version 14 installed.  New bug report attached.

I appreciate your patience,



Have reinstalled FF HTTPS Monitor in the HTTPS section of InternetDownloads>Advanced, I think the Support illustration may be out of date, showing it in HTTP.

Then set security.enterprise_roots.enabled to True.

Started up JMR, downloading a couple of streams - Proxy is turn ON in Windows10 but I can access websites OK.  For now!


I'm back on "The Proxy server is refusing connections so had to turn it off again.

Switch debug on, Wait for JMR to crash and then collect the logs manually by going to C:\Users\Scylla-XPS\AppData\Local\Temp\Jaksta and zipping up the files in this folder and attaching them to this post.

I couldn't see AppData because I wasn't set up to show hidden files 'n folders !!!

I now attach the requested data.

P :)


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