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Jaksta closing itself down - bug report

 I'm starting a new ticket because my previous has gone unanswered.

Since Windows Update 1803 Jakta keeps spontaneously closing down.  The effect was instant after the update was installed, it's never happened before.

I attach a bug report.



Sudden problems with app associations and the Settings menu crashing have driven me to restore Windows10 to factory settings, so all the previous bug reports are redundant.

I have briefly tested a new install of Jaksta7 - it has done the Firefox SSL thing, the only remaining annoyance is that every time I open it it says I've got UEFI Secure Boot and would I like to use Stereo Mix, which I would not, but I can't tell the message not to pop up in future.  In Win10 Settings, Proxy has not been switched on... yet ;)

Still lots more of my personal programs to install, so Jaksta will have to wait for a while but I wanted to let you know about the Windows10 situation so that you don't waste your valuable time on my bug reports :)


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