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Jaksta Crash

Good day, 

Jaksta crashes on a certain link. You will not be able to access it because it is password protected and I do not want to give my password to anyone else for security reasons.

The URL of the video is:

<video data-video-id="5747704478001" data-account="5114477698001" data-player="default" data-embed="default" data-application-id="" class="vjs-tech" style="margin: auto" id="vjs_video_1726_html5_api" tabindex="-1" preload="auto" poster="https://cf-images.eu-west-1.prod.boltdns.net/v1/static/5114477698001/d5a4aa6a-bc27-4a31-bcdc-cd8e3a98b7f5/8f434ce9-7070-4029-a42e-508802cc5150/1280x720/match/image.jpg" src="blob:https://investmentpunk.academy/fc99be92-7ebf-4d54-b9b7-0fcfc18adab1"></video>

Where can I send the crash log? Because of possible user data I do not necessarily want to publish it here.

Kind regards,


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Hi Christian,

You can send the log into support@jaksta.com



Jaksta Support

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