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Convert to this format and quality once comple not working

 When I schedule a recording it outputs as a .wmv file and I have it set to "Convert to this format and quality once complete" to mp4 but only the wmv file is present in the output directory.


Your logs are not in debug mode.  Please follow these instructions:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

Just run the scheduled task once debug is on, no need to wait for it.

New log attached.



Another log file attached same error of no conversion.


The conversion is failing as the folder D:\Video Downloads\Netflix\Vimeo  doesnt exist.

You have that set that on the main conversion menu, on the home screen, by the look of it.  

Home > Conversion Settings Menu > Output Folder. 

I've changed the code to create the folder on conversion if it no longer exists.  Will be in the next version.

Also you are using an older version.  Upgrade to the lastest so DVR works correctly with the latest Chrome browser.

This version will recreate a manually set conversions output folder if it has been deleted.


I just tried and can not find the "conversion settings menu"

"Home > Conversion Settings Menu > Output Folder. " does not translate into what to click on.


I installed JMR7- and it converted OK but assigned directory as I had it set long ago.

I see how to set the dir for the wmv file but can not find where to change the directory for the converted file.

Please see highlighed menu in image below.  Click that and then select Output folder to set the conversions output folder.

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