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livestream downloads terminate early

I download German TV from these two livestreams (geoblocked outside Germany, so I use Smart DNS Proxy)




Mostly, everything works fine, I schedule a recording with start time/date and duration, and I get an mp4 file which plays perfectly.

But  about one in ten of my downloads, on a completely random basis, fails by terminating early. The download shows complete, no error message of any sort, I get a useable file, but it's not all there, ie. of shorter duration than specified. Like a one hour recording might terminate anywhere between 1 minute and 59 minutes.

Now one in ten is quite a high probability in my opinion, and I never know when it's going to happen, so it's rather annoying.

So the question is, is this the best I can expect, or maybe there are some settings I should change?  Applian suggested I go to settings/internet downloads/advanced/http and set Max. number of segments to 1. That didn't help. Are there any other settings that might help?

I'm puzzled as to why the software doesn't give any error message or attempt to reconnect. Surely it must "know" that something's gone wrong when it signs off a download as complete after 25 min although the specified time was 45 min?

Help please.


Clinton Solon

ps - Windows 7 64bit Pro,  internet connection ADSL, full speed about 10 Mb/s

I'm still having too many failures where the download stops after less than scheduled time. To what extent do you think my slow internet connection ( ADSL 10Mbs) - might be a contributing factor? The only better connection I could get is wireless 4G broadband, about 20 to 50 MBs. Is that likely to improve things?


Clinton Solon

Here are two more failures.

See homescreen.jpg

Item 51 scheduled for 20 Aug at 2030 for 50 min shows complete with errors,

Item 48 scheduled for 18 Aug at 2214 for 100 min, stopped after 1m.

Can you throw any light on why please? Logs attached.


Clinton Solon


You are using an old version 17.  Please upgrade to 23 before submitting new logs.


One finished because the max duration was reached and the other failed with

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

You can see both of these in the downloads progress log available on the properties window.

Ok so download #51 was a one-time glitch that might never happen again, but what about #48?

If the maximum duration was reached then means I made a mistake and entered 1m instead of 100m. (I'm perfectly capable of doing something dumb like that). Is that what  happened? Does the log actually show a scheduled time of only 1m?

Comment please?


Clinton Solon

Yes it showed the max duration of 1 minute being reached.  Please look in the progress log which you have access through via the UI and you will see these messages.

1. Select the download you are interested in

2. Click the Main Menu > Properties (or right mouse context menu > Properties or Alt-Enter hot keys)

3. Progress Log tab.

It shows all the details of the download/recording including errors.

I've just updated to 7.01.23. It didn't store my HLS advanced settings. Tell me what "concurrent segments" (presently 5) and "segment live edge"(currently 3) do please?  Will they have any effect on chances of a download crash? If so,, what are best settings?


Clinton Solon

Settings are carried forward as long as you dont uninstall first.

There are tooltips on all the settings that explain what they do.

Live Edge: No of segments from the end to start live HLS streams on. The lower the value the lower latency from the source, but also increases the chance of buffering

Concurrent Segments: HLS downloads are split into segments and each segment is downloaded independently. To improve performance segments can be downloaded concurrently. This setting defines the number of segments to be downloaded concurrently.

The best settings for a normal stream and normal internet connection are the default ones.  

Here's something odd.

Download #56 was scheduled for 23.08.18 , 50min, but the file produced was only 44:30. The progress log shows it did in fact run for 50 min with no errors, so why the shorter file? It hasn't happened before.



Clinton Solon

(181 KB)

I scheduled a download to output file 08292030 Notruf Hafenkante 165 Held des Tages.mp4, start 29 August 18 at 20.30, duration 50 minutes. Download "completed" after 11m 30s. I can't interpret the logs at all - could you please explain in as much detail as possible what went wrong?

Relevant debug log attached.


Clinton Solon

ps - no answer yet to previous support request


Previous question -  Around the 16 minute mark there was a bunch of segments that could not be downloaded as they did not exist. (404 error).  Then again around the 17.30 mark, 19.05, 19.12, 20.48, 22.29.  In all some 4 minutes of video couldn't be downloaded. 

This last question-

Errorred out due to a read time out:  

Error when reading from stream: Read timeout.

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