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fail to record


I'm not sure I can explain this in English but I try.

When I record fc2live streaming, if there is some trouble happens (kind of packet loss maybe), the record is failed.

There are no error message. Jaksta media recorder said the recording is success but I got broken file.

By re-encode and fix that file then I can know video is recording but audio recording is not worked again after trouble.

So I lost all audio after trouble. but video still recording. I think that make file broken. 

This is second time to occur this error since last year. 

Please fix it.


(423 KB)

Add live.fc2.com/flv to Settings > Internet Downloads > Adavanced > Site Specific Settings > Media from the following secure sistes will be recorded not downloaded.

Jaksta will then record from this site instead of trying to download.  Keep the stream playing in your browser and AUTO on.

Ive done a couple of test recordings here with out error and playback fine using VLC as the player.

If you are still having issues the please provide debug logs as per the following which shows the error.


I use "Always record RTMP streams (instead of downloading) setting" and it's ok to record at ordinary times.


But rarely it happens the file which record complete is broken. I mean.


Because of some trouble, I lost 1 or 2 frame of video but resume to record. the matter is do not resume to record audio. I lost all audio after that trouble.


JMR show no error message so even I cannnot check while recording. I find the file broken after the end of streaming. 

Please switch debug on as requested and leave it on until you have a stream which is not recorded properly.

Then upload the debug logs here so we can have a look at what is happening.

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