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Status "Connecting"

 I'm using the AUTO function, but when the Download finish, the status remains "Connecting"...and nothing else happens.... what should I do?

What is the url of the page hosting the stream you are trying to capture?

Please provide debug logs as per



Your logs show that JMR is getting access denied errors when trying to download.   Could you please send your login details to support AT jaksta.com and reference this post and we will have a look and see what might be happening.

In the mean time please use the DVR capture method to download from CERS - https://www.cers.com.br/

Switch to the DVR capture method (Click the camera icon)
Open the DVR Browser (The globe icon) and go to cers.com.br and play the video
Click the red record button

Thank you for providing your login details.  Investigating this now.

The following version of Jaksta can now download from cers.com.br


Please let me know if you have any issues.

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