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Netflix Title Bar issue

Using JMR, I am recently having an issue with the title bar being part of the recording.  With Netflix in the top corner and the standard windows reduce, maximize and close button in the upper right corner.  This has not been an issue with prior recordings from this version.  When I try to maximize Netflix within the DVR Browser using either the windows maximize in the upper right corner or the full screen button provided in the video window, the entire DVR Browser window turns blank grey.  I also attempted the same procedure in Amazon Video with the same result.

I'm not what has changed, but I am looking for a workaround or solution to enable recording again without the title bar being present.

Yes its an issue with Chrome 67 released via auto update over the last week or so.

You can read more about what they have changed here:


We will have a fix out for it tomorrow or the next day,  just finishing testing now.

In the mean time you can do the following:

Open the DVR browser and type the following in the address bar:


Set the flag to disabled and click relaunch.

Close the DVR browser and reboot the computer.

I am unable to change the flag within the DVR browser as all the buttons are unselectable for me.  I will wait for the next release, thanks for the information.

That is a bit strange.  Anyway here is a beta of the next release that should work again with the latest chrome.


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