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Defective genre field value

when genre is set to Rock\in the override screen for recording the result in the final Microsoft windows properties is the number "17" and not "rock"

this pattern is consistent and repeatable 

Thanks for your logs.  In future please attached them to the forum post.

They show you have changed the ID3v2 version to 4.  In your settings > Naming rules.  Windows does not support v4 as per the tooltip that is displayed for this setting.  Please change this back to the default 3. 

Please provide debug logs for a whole recording if you are still having issues.  Turn debug on before you start recording and only turn it off and attach the logs once the song is complete and tagged.

How do I get debug files?

Sorry that doesn't happen here.

Results in:

Please provide debug logs so we can see what is happening on your machine.

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