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JMR won't start

Good morning. Starting last night, JMR will not start. I did upgrade to the most current version, yesterday morning. JMR was working fine yesterday until about 7 pm, so for 10 hours it was fine. It seems that JMR stopped after I rebooted due to a network problem. I have tried to repair JMR in place and then tried reinstalling and finally an uninstall/install.

Any ideas?

As the app is crashing on start please follow the appropriate section in the link below to collect logs manually and also an msconfig32 export and attached both to this ticket.


I've attached the system info file and startup logs. Thanks for your help!

Jim Mooney

(100 KB)

Your settings file is corrupted some how.

Please attach this file to this ticket so I can see what has caused it:

:  C:\Users\jt_mo\AppData\Local\Jaksta_Technologies_Pty_L\jmrp.exe_StrongName_kop0i3zwvchw2h13so4etnco3najy2t1\\user.config

You can then delete it and you should be able to start Jaksta again.


(59.6 KB)

Yep that file is very corrupt.  Delete it if you havnt already and Jaksta will be able to start.

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