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DVR Browser recording resolution is not ideal for netflix and vudu

When I use the DVR browser on Netflix or Vudu (haven't tested others), the video has black margins around the video. I would like for this to record as it is displayed in the browser where it can be full screen.

I have tinkered with a few settings, like Settings->DVR->Request Best Output size.

I've also unchecked it and set it manually to 1920x1080.

Initially I had scale and layout settings in windows to 125%, which results in the recording being off center to the right and some of the video was out of scope of the media player (despite being fine in the browser).


I then set this to 100%, so now when I record it has the black margins to the bottom and right of the video scope.

I just purchased tonight because the trial looked very promising. I think I'll be happy with this software if we can work out some of these issues. Thanks in advance for your help.

(596 KB)

Forgot to attach these. I tried the first one with the 'Adjust embedded player for DVR' on and the second video with it off.

(2.26 MB)
(1.8 MB)

There are no know issues with capturing netflix and a quick test here shows all is still good and it captures correctly.

Your logs show your scale is still set at 125%.  Please set it to 100% and ensure you log out and log back in again to have your screen resolution set correctly for DVR capture.

Reupload debug logs and a small sample if you are still having issues.

Haha, thanks. The sign out and back in corrected screen resolution for the DVR capture.

Also, thanks for your quick response and solution. This is probably the best support I've ever received for troubleshooting.

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