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recording problem with cam4


I wonder why Jaksta is not recording the CAM4 streams, none of them.
The AUTO mode is on but it doesn't automatically detect the URL. When I enter it manually, is says "extracted with errors". Very annoying indeed!
Please help!

Jaksta downloads from cam4 just fine.


Please provide debug logs if you are having issues.

Here are the debug logs.


Please switch debug on before switching AUTO on and before opening the page on cam4 in your browser.

Hi! Sorry that I couldn't answer sooner. :(((
I did as instructed and the recording did start this time around! Bizarre :) I attach the log anyways. I noticed one problem though - when I do multiple recordings, the name of the performer isn't recognized, and all files are slugged as "CAM4....". I didn't have this problem before.
Hope you could help me,
and s BIG thank you!


BTW. If I just open Juksta and start recording as I used to do before, it just doesn't work.



 Hi, again!

Here is the log from my other computer where Jaksta worked (badly) only after I switched the LOG function on. Before it did not move at all. I chose randomly 3 performers on CAM4 but the recording was faulty.

Thank you!



Sorry to hear your sad.

Jaksta can download from cam4.com very well here.  Files are named correctly with the models name.

Im using chrome.

Ensure you are using the latest version and try resetting all your settings to their defaults using the reset button on the Settings tab.  Also please provide debug logs - switch DEBUG on before AUTO and collected the logs 30 or so seconds after the cam started playing in the browser if it wasnt detected.

Here you  go! No movement whatsoever even after resetting the settings. Sooo strange....

Please help!



here is the latest log and a pic


These last logs indicate that your browser is not picking up the system proxy when it is set to Jaksta and therefore HTTPS traffic is not being directed to Jaksta for analysis and therefore the cam4 streams are bypassing Jaksta.   Strange given your previously logs show this working correctly.

What browser are you using?  Make sure if it is firefox that is it configured to use the system proxy.  Chrome always uses the system proxy.  You may want to try reinstalling the browser or at least ensuring you are using the latest.

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