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No Internet Connection when I switch ON the AUTO Button.

When I start the Jaksta Media Record software, and switch ON the AUTO button...my internet connection stop working, so, is not possible to download anything....

Sounds strange.  Perhaps Winpcap is not installed correctly on your machine.  Uninstall it using add/remove programs as well as Jaksta and then reboot and reinstall.

If you are still having issues then please provide debug logs and perhaps some screen shots.

I tried to remove and install the winpcap software again, but it did not solve the problem.

I tried to change the Winpcap to "Network monitor", but it did not work too.

Unfortunately, turning ON the "AUTO" button in Jaksta is similar to lost the internet connection.


When you switch AUTO on all HTTPS traffic is routed via Jaksta for analysis for media streams to capture and then routed to the internet and back again. Ie Browser <----> Jaksta <----> Internet

It looks like Bitdefender (or other firewall software) is blocking Jaksta from connecting to the internet.  Hense why you are getting the timeout error in your browser.

Check your firewall and ensure Jaksta is allowed through it.

So strange! 

The windows firewall is OFF. 

I completely removed the Bitdefender, so, I have not antivirus anymore, reinstalled Jaksta, but the problem still persists! 

Can you provide new debug logs then please.  Ensure debug is on before you switch AUTO on and try to go to youtube.com.



I tried everything with no results. 

So.... As I could not wait anymore, I tried the radical solution, reinstall the Windows 10. 

After that, I installed the Jaksta... and now, everything is Working. (Thanks God)

I would not expect to do this... because I'm reinstalling Jaksta a lot(trying to fix)... and I know there is a counter limite.

I'm afraid about to reinstall the Bitdefender, but I have used the Jaksta with Bitdefender for a long time without problems. 

Could have been the last Windows 10 upgrade stuffed something up.  Have seen a few instances of it.  Glad to hear you back up and running anway.

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