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Stream downloading no longer works on VKontakte

Behaviour changed yesterday. So far you could just add a video url to the Stream Downloader and Jaksta started downloading. Worked for both, live and archived videos.

Since yesterday only the Auto method works. Progress log says: "Extracting Failed: Size: 0 bytes/0 bytes (0%), Time: 00:00:00/Live,
Url is not supported. "

There is a workaroung tho (but it's annoying). You can copy the debug info URL from a running stream, which looks like this:


YY = Server number (I've seen 35 and 95 there for example)

XXXXXX = Some 6-digit number

ZZZZZZZZZ = Some 9-digit number

Hope you can look into this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for reporting it.  Will look at a fix soon.  In the mean time AUTO mode is your friend.

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