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Media recorder unable to detect multiple pages with target url in BiliBili

 Good Morning !

I Love using Jaksta Media Recorder as this software is one of the few which enable us to record media from the infamous BiliBili , which is tough to record media unless you use screen recording. Your software had make life easier for us.

Thank you for your hard work , esp the development team for their effort !!

One of the flaws at the moment is the ability to dig deeper and detect multiple pages within the target URL.

For e.g   https://www.bilibili.com/video/av26302835

img : https://imgur.com/a/lv8CY5o

In the above picture & site from BiliBili there are 2 tab pages and upon standard procedure, once inserted, Jaksta will download but ....


as you can see, it will only detect the 1st tab. In the above bilibili page, even if you click the 2nd tab and is given a new url

Jaksta will still see it as the 1st page and download will be limited to 1st page.

Is the team able to enable the software to dig deeper and reveal other pages related to it ?

an ideal result will be similiar to


where you can see it's split into 2 pages.

Love Jaksta's ability to combine the clips, hence the above ticket , hoping to have the features improved when detecting BiliBili.


Please enlighten me as I am an idiot. As such, I need to understand specific details to layman ppl like us who don't know jargons.

1) Ensure the Stream Downloader Capture Method is selected to capture le.;

How do one do that ? I click Stream Downloader button but thats it. How do you choose ? I see nothing pop out and no options .

2) Your Ie. 

Is is Internet Explorer or are you talking about Intel Ethernet  in that Internet download ?

My guess :

1) There is no option, you choose the browser by ….using that browser

2) Internet Explorer

Based on above, I switch on auto, used IE , went to the above site again and it only auto detects  the 1st tab. ( both the flv and the mp3 )

The difference this time is when I click the 2nd tab page, it detects the 2nd flv for the page 2.

IS this what your old info warning is trying to say to me ?

Are you referring that the auto will not pick up all the pages automatically but will auto pick up once I visit each tab page ?

Coz if the method is what you are implying to me, I will case close the ticket. IF you are saying there is a better method and my method is not what you are trying to say …

Please advise.

The above test was a complete failure. It can detect the 2nd tab page upon clicking but will only save up to 6 mins even if the clip is 30 mins.

The above info is not outdated as prompted. The solution WILL NOT WORK if your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, page clip is more than 6 mins.

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