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Monitor not working with myfreecams but works with chaturbate

Monitor not working with MFC but works with CB. How can I get it to work with MFC. This is the main reason I purchased JMR for the monitor software and for it to work on MFC.

Jaksta can download from myfreecams,com (MFC) using AUTO mode.  See screen shot below.

If you are having issues please switch debug on and then AUTO and then open the page hosting the myfreecams.com model.  See the following for more details on how to switch debug on and get us logs.


Actually sorry I think I miss interpreted what you were saying (early morning for me ;().

The monitor function uses the extraction engine and therefore only supports sites that can be extracted in this manner.  MFC is not currently one of them.  Chaturbate and many other cam sites are.  For MFC you need to use AUTO mode as shown above.

Hi, will there be monitoring capability for MFC in the future?

Also another related question, if I am monitoring sites and downloading a stream from CB, why does a duplicate recording start of this monitored recording if I turn on the auto mode to download a stream from a site such as MFC? So I now have two CB files being created of the same recording but one is named as my monitoring name and the other is some stream generated name, whilst I am now recording my MFC stream.

Also is there a list of sites that work for each of the different methods?

Not unless they change how the site works.  At the moment it is not possible.

AUTO mode monitors your network connection for streams and will pick up anything it supports and finds based on your settings.  Duplicates are determined based on the url.  The url could be different based on stream resolution, session details etc.

Sites change all the time.  We do our best to keep up with everything new.  We dont target actual sites. We target the streaming protocols they use.  Therefore its not possible to give a definitive list of sites.  We do list suggested capture methods on jaksta.com for sites we know about.  Use the search option on the home page.  We do support the major streaming protocols in use today and the DVR capture method takes care of the rest.


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