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Media Recorder no longer recording youtube

Hello at Jaksta

Use Media Recorder occasionally, last time probably one month ago and until then it worked propperly (There where several WIN10 updates since then).
I have the following problem:

Entering an URL manually or automatically no problem. Confirmation "Extracting" is shown but download doesn't start.
Tried different settings with Media Recorder no change.
With Digital Video Recorder it's not possible to record either.
Have stopped firewall and malware protection, nothing has changed.
Therefore uninstalled Media Recorder completely with deleting cache and setup.
Nothing has changed after new setup.

What is to do?

Thank you

Best Regards



Please switch debug mode on before attempting the extraction.  For further details on how to collect debug logs correctly please visit


Made as requested, Zip attached.


Sorry but these logs are not in debug mode.

Please follow steps 1 to 6 on the link below.  At step 3 try the extraction.  


Did exactly the way it is indicated and did it again like this, see printscreen. Is something else wrong as well?

(59.7 KB)

The logs do not show the extract at all.  Did you do the extract after you switched debug on at step 3?

And by extraction I mean entering the url to extract the video from it. Ie performing the download.

After entering an URL, the status colums shows extracting but nothing happens, a download never starts.

(42.9 KB)

Sure, but you you have not attached debug logs?  I need debug logs to tell you what is wrong with your machine.

Ill copy the exact instructions from that link for you here.  Please follow them exactly to get debug logs.

1. Click the "Get Support" tab

2. Click the "If requested by support switch Debug Mode on"

3. Enter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uENITui5_jU into the "Enter (or Drag and Drop) the URL of a video page to download" textfield and hit enter or click the blue down arrow button in the textbox.  Wait for 1 minute whilst the extraction should be happening.  It takes about 10 seconds here for me.  But wait a minute in your case.

4. Click the "Get Support" tab again

5. Click the paper airplane icon - "Send Logs"

6. Attached the generated file (which is placed on your desktop) to the forum topic.

OK I did exactly the same way a third time, which is exactly you wanted me to do. No idea if this time a correct debug file has been created. It seems that the Zip file has every time the same name but a correct creation time.
But there was a big change this time: The download as well as the conversion worked propperly at once.
I can confirm, that the URL has been inserted the same way as every time, that nothing has been changed on the computer and no updates or new installations have been made. It has even not been rebooted and absolutely no changes have been made on Media Recorder itself exept setting the debug switch to on.
After sending this message, I check further downloads.


All the zip files you have uploaded have different file names.

Let me know if you are still having issues.

Have done some tests and it works.
It seems, taht the problem has disapeared.
Thank you.

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