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Not downloading Properly

I am trying to download from http://videos.sproutvideo.com/embed/489ad0bd191ee3c5c0/611851e5b64090cd

it ends up downloading 4 files, none of which plays.


Does anyone from support work here? It's bee a week and no response.

Hi Dawn,

Apologies for the late reply. I forgot to respond at the time you made your original post.

I tested that video and encountered the same issue. I then forwarded my findings onto development, and am waiting on a response.

I will keep you informed of any updates as best I can.



Jaksta Support

Has this issue been resolved by development?


Hi everyone,

Update regarding Sprout videos:

Our development team believes they have identified the issue but it will take some time to produce a fix and testable beta. This is due to both the amount of work needed to develop it as well as other pending updates and fixes that we have on our list.

It is on our radar and I will post any relevant updates to this thread.



Jaksta Support 

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