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Not recording streamate rtmp streams

Hi, since about a week ago, jaksta does not detect or auto record the rtmp streams

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Streammate.com is streaming HLS protocol and Jaksta Media Recorder detects and captures it fine in AUTO mode from Chrome.  

A quick look would indicate the site does not have RTMP streams - they may have previously, but don't now from what I can see.


If you are having issues please provide debug logs as per


I used to block javascript and go to use this site like through www.streamate.com/?nojs=1 to record, but auto-record does not work there anymore, does anyone know why that is?

If you try with Internet Explorer (in windows 10), JLS is not supported so it is rtmp but JAKSTA does not record streamate rtmp streams since 1 month, i dont know why ! That was perfect ...

perhaps rtmp streams are now  encrypted and jaksta can't decode them!

As i mentioned streammate is not longer providing RTMP streams.  And the now even display this when using IE.

How ever HLS streams are available in IE and detected and downloaded from streammate just fine.  If you want still want an flv file for some reason just convert them afterwards using Jaksta's builtin media converter.

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