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last update and youtube

my jaksta media recorder 7 stop working properly after the last update. How can I fix it, or remove the last update.

Was this to do with youtube which changed?  


If not then please provide further details of your issue.

The appropriate boxes were checked. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the program.after I reinstalled the program I choose the recommended option to upgrade. the file attached shows the program working in on instance and in the you tube instance it says complete (errors). if you notice at the bottom of the page it also says the url is not supported . please advise 

Please check Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Extractor version is 2018.09.10 or greater. 


If not you do not have the latest extractor engine.

Please provide debug logs as per the following when trying to capture a youtube video


I checked my extractor version  is 2018-9-01, as to day is 2018-9-9 I'm gathering that another upgrade will be coming tomorrow since I need update version 2018-9-10.

Yesterday was the 10th for me ;)

You should have got the update as soon as it was released.  If you havnt got it please provide debug logs as requested. 

Thank you i got the update shortly after my last comment.the program seems to be working properly.
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