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6play.fr download compatibility

Hello Support,

I've been looking around for some stream downloading applications on the market which has up-to-date support (in case of media coding technique changes) and found your system here to be able to support a lot of formats, except for the one I am looking for now.

6play.fr is a commonly used VOD system by TV channel providers in Europe and has some Silverlight embedded contents. I am looking for support to implement 6play.fr (and compatible partners') VOD stream downloads into Jaksta. I would be more than happy to support testing feedback on a daily basis to you as the developments is going on, even through debug mode, or the extended network traffic capturing debug mode.

Please examine the possibility to support the 6play.fr web contents to be added to your compatibility.

Best regards,


(105 KB)

Jaksta detects and downloads from 6play.fr no problems at all.

Please describe more about the issue you are having and provide debug logs as per 


Hello CRS,

Thank you for your kind feedback on 6play.fr

Actually I've been interested in another system which was created with 6play.fr, but translated into local Hungarian language. This VOD portal is called (will spell it here, for robots not to index) R-like Romeo, T-like-Tango, L-like-Lima, M-like-Mike, O-like-Oscar, S-like-Sierra, T-like-Tango, DOT H-like-Hotel, U-like-Uniform. After loading the page you should see a quite similar website to 6play.fr, but in different language. I was unable to retrieve any VOD contents with your application from this site so far. (except for screen recording) Can you please go ahead and see the incompatibility? If you need any debug information please let me know. I am also ready to create a test account for you if needed. See attachment.

Thank you.

(135 KB)

Yes please create a test account for us and send credentials via email to support AT jaksta.com and reference this ticket.

Thanks for creating a test account for www.rtlmost.hu.

Jaksta can detect and download from www.rtlmost.hu just fine using AUTO mode as is shown in the following screenshot.

If you are having issues then please provide debug logs as per


Please respond in the forum, not by reply email.  I have copied your email response here.


Sorry to say but I am still unable to do a successful stream download with Jaksta Media Recorder 7 (Trial).
1. I am using the Trial version.

2. First I have tried to do method as indicated in your email with Firefox (latest 64 bit version). This lead to error indicated on picture 01 attached.

3. Then I have moved to Chrome (latest version), and the result was still the same. (Picture 02)
4. Processes with Firefox have been tried both with and without AUTO mode turned on.

5. Process with Chrome has only been tested with using AUTO mode.6. Also note that I have tried both Winpcap and 'Network monitor' setting in the Settings menu.

Can you please let me know what am I doing wrong? Can it be that AUTO mode is only working with non-trial versions?It would've been also good if your picture attached could also show the main application frame, not just the Stream Detection part. What browser have you been using? (Built-in, Firefox or Chrome)

Still looking for a solution. Please help.
Please also let me know if I buy and install your software onto a (test) computer, will I be able to move that registered version to another PC?

For the images it looks like you are trying to extract the url with AUTO on.  You would have go a prompt staying so.  You are trying to use two different capture methods.  As you can see the extract method doesnt work for this site as it is not one of the ones we target (there are about 100 popular sites we support), only the AUTO capture method will works which detects pretty much all others.  Basically do not enter the url into JMR for this site.

So the steps to use for this site are.

1.  Open JMR and switch AUTO on

2.  Open chrome and go to the site and start playing the video

3.  It will be detected in JMR

Note - AUTO must be one before you starting the video.  It needs to detect the start of the video to capture.

If it misses this start for some reason (say you have watch the video already and its cached in the browser) hard refresh your browser.  In Chrome this is done via holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the reload button.  This causes the browser to request all assets from the site again.

If you are having issues then please provide debug logs as per


Again please respond in the forum not via email and please provide debug logs.  Without them the nature of my responses is generic about what might be going on.

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