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Conflict Jacksta VPN (ExpressVPN)


I recently changed VPN service (now I use Express VPN), and ever since I made the switch I am unable to download video content from www.raiplay.it

I would welcome any suggestion.

Thank you,


Hi Sal,

What are you experiencing exactly? Are there any written errors or notifications, or does the video just not play properly once downloaded?

And is there a particular reason that you need to use a VPN? If the content is not geo-restriced then there should be no need, unless you have your own privacy/security concerns.

I have not tested that site specifically as I am not a registered user, but the VPN that I use is called IPVanish and it has always been solid. 



Jaksta Support

Hi Liam,

When I open Jaksta AND ExpressVPV AND THEN my Safari browser, the internet connection goes down.

In rare cases I was able to maintain the connection and record the tv shows from raiplay.it (YES,it IS geo-restricted, in Italy, I am in Canada, for this reason I need a VPN).

The cases when I was able to record the shows have to do with the SEQUENCE (the right sequence was...first…VPN…second Jacksta…third browser). But recently NOTHING seems to work.

Thank you for any support you may be able to provide.

Salvatore D. Basile

Hi Sal,

Can you confirm that your internet connection is solid and you are able to successfully capture videos when ONLY Jaksta is running (no VPN)?

If you lose your connection in that scenario then it would mean that the source of the problem would be Jaksta and not a conflict with the VPN.

I would also suggest trying and testing a different browser besides Safari and then report back with any findings. Chrome would be the best bet. If that does not help, then trialing another VPN (such as IPVanish) would also be a good way to narrow down the cause.

Generally speaking, Jaksta is compatible with VPN's and can operate alongside them. However, Jaksta works by applying its own proxy settings as part of the capture method that it uses. VPN's also use proxies, so as you can imagine there might be conflicts. This used to cause problems, but we built a fix that addressed it and it has been alright ever since.



Jaksta Support

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