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Too many empty monitors being created automatically

Hi team,

I am a registered user for Media Recorder. I have been noticing that there are empty monitors being created that too in numerous count which is slowing down the entire operating system. These monitors do not have any URL details or monitor name or anything but keep executing in the background.

I have even updated it to the latest version but still the issue persists. Uninstalled the existing installation, deleted the local data and installed a fresh one, but the issue wasn't resolved. 

I am attaching logs and screenshot of the monitors tab, request you to kindly provide resolution to this issue.


The logs show a crash to do with not being able to access

C:\Users\kaush\AppData\Roaming\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\Library\logs\log.45.txt

Do you have multiple JMR's running somehow? 

I'll look at fixing the crash.  But it would be good to be able to reproduce it here.

Please install this version:  http://downloads.jaksta.com/release/jak7/JMR7/

Once installed start the application and then follow these instructions to get debug logs:


Attach the debug logs to this forum post when a monitor fails or when you get these fantom monitors being produced.

FYI the crash was caused due to system abruptly loosing power from the wall socket (I am using this on an Intel NUC whose power adapter got shaken up a bit by-mistakenly and got powered off, this happened twice in a week), but this should not affect the Media Recorder so badly. I noticed this issue occurring only in this scenario.

Also both the times when the system got abruptly powered off, I noticed that just a couple of empty monitors were created when I launched jmrp.exe after booting it, also I couldn't delete all of them as some monitors threw errors saying 'cannot delete null monitors' something like that. Overnight the count of these empty monitors grew so much that it started creating system slow down as they all were active and made the JMR sluggish to perform.

Hope that this small can be easily fixed, to tackle such scenarios and make the product even better.

Please provide debug logs for the version linked above so I can see what is going on.

FYI when this issue occurred, I extracted the earlier logs, did a reinstall but the application wont start (was in Not Responding state) even after it was kept running for almost an hour, may be because there were too many monitors to process I guess. I had to reinstall it with 'Delete my existing settings' options checked, then it started properly.

Anyways I have updated now to and taken debug logs.


I tried to replicate the scenario and the issue repeated again, this time I took both the debug and network logs

Also noticed one thing that, if a recording was in progress and suddenly if system/JMR crashes, the file where the recording was saved is practically unusable with 0 bytes. Doesn't JMR have write-through feature, if it isn't supported yet, a humble request to kindly include this feature.


My bad the file on JMR shows 0 bytes but the actual file in the directory is of the correct size, checked it later ;)

Please follow the provided instructions to collect debug logs exactly - the ones you have provided are not in debug mode.  Here is the link again.  Follow steps 1 to 6 exactly.  At step 3 is where you want to be switching monitoring on.


I do not need the network logs - do not switch that on unless I ask for them later.

I have noticed over time that when you add or delete monitors whilst the monitoring takes place has a greater chance of phantom monitors being created.  It hasn't happened once since I turned off monitoring during my maintenance of of the monitoring.

After my maintenance, I always export the monitors in case it happens again and I need to mass delete and reimport.

Hope that provides some insights.

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