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JMR - Can't enable "auto"

Hi Team,

I've just received a new computer, downloaded the latest version of JMR and installed it using the full option set.

Jaksta opens and appears to be downloading extraction engine updates but when clicking "auto" the following message is displayed (which is also attached)



Unexpected error configuring the HTTPS/SSL monitor for .


Please reset this applications settings to their defaults using the Reset button on the Settings screen."

- I have gone to settings and clicked the reset button, agreeing to it yes/no pop up.

-Uninstalling and deleting settings plus reinstalling has not helped on multiple occasions.

Can you please assist?



(12.8 KB)

Please ensure the following setting is set


If you are still having issues then please provide debug logs as per:


Hey CRS,

Many thanks for your reply and apologies for the delay in replying.

I've made the suggested change and so far it is working!

Many thanks for your time and effort responding to me.



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