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Capturing Videos in Multiple Approximately 1 Mb Segments.

Just purchased Media recorder, and I find operation somewhat erratic.  Using the automatic capture function it worked OK the first video,  next video stated many, many segments, each about 1 Mb in size.  Had to quit the program to stop the multi segment capture.  On reopening the program and trying to move the slider to ON I would get a message to the effect that multi segment download is in progress, would not let me slide to ON.  Had to reinstall the program to recover.

Tried the copy and paste method and it works much better for the most part, except occasionally when clicking on the GET button the window does not change to the spinning gear (remains GET) and no  stream capture occurs.  Deleting the address and repasting eventually works.

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Hi Rod,

If you would like us to test this could you please supply a URL to the problem video/site?



Jaksta Support

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